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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  February 7, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> big welcome to the special live he had dix of "the fox report. we are following developments in a deadly night of a college faw ternity pare -- fraternity part. >> president obama bill o'reilly riley covering mer ground than any player on the field. >> you deny you are a man who wants to redistribute wealth? >> absolutely. i lowered taxes over the last two years. >> tonight their entire discussion that might leave the
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super bowl feeling more like the half time show. >> paying the price for doing their job. two members of our fox family savagely beating and left to wonder if they would be beaten by thugs in cairo. their terrifying ordeal a in thr own words. >> within 40 seconds people are all over us that's when our life or death struggle began. >> i thought okay i am afraid to travel. >> how their nightmare took another dark turn just when they thought it was over. plus born 100 years ago today he left a living legacy for generations to come. tonight celebrating the life of president ronald reagan and the museum honoring his memory. >> i know ronny would be thrilled and is thrilled to have
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all of you share in this 100th birthday. >> a fox exclusive consider it the super bowl of interviews. president obama and bill o'reilly riley one-on-one no question left unasked. it is a conversation not to be if ised. in case you didn't see it we will have it for you in its entirety in just a few minutes. doug mcelway is live in washington with that. >> good evening to you. it was a cordial almost relaxed interview on super bowl sunday with the president wearing a sports coat without the tie. they got to the most resing issue throughout the day t the state of affairs in egypt. >> his term is up this year. he said let's make sure you get the groups together in egypt. what's the process or orderly transition but one that is a meaningful transition and that leads to a government.
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>> you don't know when he is going to leave? >> the united states can't dictate. what we can do is we can say that the time is now for you to start making a change. >> the president down-played the threat possessed by muslim brotherhood in egypt. he remains confident egypt will evolve into a government the u.s. can work with together as a partner. he talked about the healthcare law but believe it is a miss characterization of some of it. >> when i hear you saying for example the notion that us saying to people that doesn't have health insurance don't make me pay for your health insurance don't make knee pay for it if you go to the emergency room. there is nothing socialist about that same to americans each of
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us will be responsible for healthcare. that's what the majority of americans believe. >> the president confided that the toughest part of his job being in the bubble not being able to have spontaneous conversations with anybody. he declared his emphasis. it was off to his super bowl party and harris check out the menu for tonight's event at the white house. they had the menu bratwursts cheese burgers deep dish pizza buffalo wings, german potato salad twice baked potatoes and micro brewery beers from the opposing cities. i am sure you would agree that's probably something that michelle did not design herself that menu. >> the first lady having the healthy meals plan on there. the president sounded like a sports analyst at one time. >> he did. he knows his stuff.
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he will do the chit catting with the guests but when the game starts he wants to book>> we are going to play that interview from start to finish at the bottom of the hour. don't miss it. it would have been the late president's ronald reagan's 100th birthday. in celebration many politics and friends along with loving wife first lady gathered at the library. casey cityi seigel with more fr california. >> it was good to see nancy reagan to see the emotion on her face. perhaps the most touching moment was when the former first lady stood right here about where i am standing now and watched she watched as they laid the reith right there on her husband's grave. nancy reagan and looked to the sky and said, happy birthday, ronny. >> goes without saying there weren't many dry eyes when she
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was brought up to the stage. a long list of dignitaries were graut up former speaker of the house newt gingrich and former secretary of state george schultz. it was none other than reagan's chief of staff and former secretary of state under george h. bush james baker who not only spoke about mr. reagan's legacy but looking forward as well. >> he helped us rediscover who the we were. he reminded us of our history. he challenged us to have big dreams about where we are going. when all is said and done that may be his greatest legacy. >> while today was the bulk of the celebration there have been activities all weekend long in the presidential library. before all is said and done estimated 10,000 people are
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expected to come through here to pay tribute. casey, thank you so much. we are going to move to a fox news alert right now. the green bay packers have just been named champions of super bowl 45 with a final score of 31-25. we will have a live report in just a few moments. for all of those people who will be switching over welcoming them to a special late edition of the fox report. now our own team of journalists attackd in egypt. correspondent gregg palkot aparted photo journalist'ole lis wigs beaten severely. we want to warn you they suffered some serious injuries that are disturbing to see. john roberts has the story now from london. >> oo correspondent gregg palkot and olof wig the building they
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were in came under seeing they were forced to move into the streets in the middle of a pro mubarak mob. they were severely beaten to the point they had to be hospitalized. >> the main street was a total war zone there were molotov cocktails flames, large fire. >> i got grabbed i thought at that moment i am really now in trouble. it was immediately four or five people grabbing hold of you. >> people are all over him within about 30 seconds people are all over us and that's when our life or death struggle began. >> i thought surely i can talk some reason into somebody surely that is not -- they are not going to kill us lig right here. the more they hit you the more you realized actually they probably could right now. >> the whole time you are getting pummeled?
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>> with open hands with fists with we are told rocks going for the head again and again and again the head was the target. the rest of the body is fair game, too. >> i have two good sized lacerations on the back of my head a smaller one at the front and stab wound to the back of my leg. my back looked like a piece of modern art completely black and blue. >> do you remember any of the hits? >> oh, yeah. i remember one hit right here which blanked my vision out to some degree blanked my left hearing, hearing from my left ear to some degree. that is when i thought i was going to go down. >> what kept you going sheer adrenaline or i can't let this be the last moments of might have life because i have this ahead of me? >> mostly adrenaline. i have a lot to live for. i am not ready to die that day. beautiful wife and loving
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family. i just wanted to get back. >> greg and owe love were taken by ambulance to the hospital. the ordeal didn't end there. like so many other journalists they were taken away to either a military facility or secret police where they were photographed and questioned before ultimately being released. in london, john roberts fox news. you can see more of their incredible story tomorrow throughout the day only on fox news channel. the big interview that has everybody talking. bill o'reilly riley one-on-one with president obama coming up on the fox report. we are live.
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>> about to see the sun come up on the 14th day of turmoil. warning of a change a possible turning point. dominic joining us by phone in cairo. first to the breaking news of the night this change in atmosphere. what is it? >> the square itself we have seen within the past few hours actually that it has gone from a peace camp. we were there earlier on today. there was a festival where there was popcorn in the street and people were selling trinkets and the whole news has entirely changed one of angry protest to a peace festival effect. they put a tent in and the defiance and anger had very much come to the crowd as i think they were aware a transition
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process was in place. they wanted him to leave but ultimately the approach the mentality was a c change. >> let's say what has come about to make people maybe make this change. there are promises coming out of what looks like a transition point. that looks like they are listening to some of the protestors at this point. >> what has happened is the transition government has talked to people including more radical el ems including the brotherhood. they started to change the constitution which will lead to the solution of the particle i am. that in and of itself will be a landmark standing what appears to be the main removal -- main steps of removing the mubarak regime. that starts to happen you start to see something like democracy
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being built here. you move parliaments you have to start building a new one. that means a vote has to come. how soon that is we are not sure but it means democratic steps to full democracy are starting to be made. that's very encouraging sign now. >> i know another thing freedom of press is something on the screen that is being talked about as well. you mentioned people pitching tents in the square where we have seen so much violence. certainly we won't see all of this wiped away in a short period of time but has the mood changed as welwell? >> thinker not going to be sent running. they are the new voice of egypt the public voice of egypt finally having its say very much a big change after a 30 years
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here. >> this is such a huge shift in all of this. what you are talking about is breaking news has come out of this 13th day as we face now a new day because the sun has come up where you are what is the latest in what you see? >> in terms of what we are seeing is the dawn starting to break over cairo. people realizing we are two weeks into the protest. it has begun there is very much no turning back. i think there is pope hope that as long as people stay there the process is ir reversible. there is only one direction now. the democracy will come to cairo and will come to egypt. >> hope with the new dawn. two weeks ago those were not words we were saying with the unrest in cairo. giving us late breaking news that signifies a shift there at this point. dominic thank you very much.
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>> if you isn't seen it stay close. president obama bill o'reilly
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>> big game is over and the party is just getting started for greenay packers. welcome to all of you football fans just joining us now. fans rocking the super bowl. 31-25 the final score. if you are a packers fan, the bubbly is flowing. if you are a steelers fan, your bubbly might have tears in it. >> amen to that. if you are one of 12,050 fans after paying 800 bucks for a ticket they told you your seat wasn't ready i guarantee you you
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are frustrated. there were a lot of empty seats. some fans said these seats aren't ready. when they did was put 850 of these fans into different seats. there is room to do that. the other 400 fans they split them up. some of them went down to the ground level and had to watch the game from a monitor over behind the steelers bench and the rest of them had to stand in standing room only areas. believe me, the people who were caught up in that snafoo were frustrated. >> we probably won't see the game. we have traveled we spent a lot of money here and we can't even see the game. it's out of our -- it's not our fault. >> the 400 people who did not get to sit in seats will get a refunds of $2,400.03 times the face value. only on fox news will you see a picture lick this. take a look. this is a picture of the rogers brothers from years back on the far left is luke the middle is
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jordan. he's quarterback at vanderbilt on the far right is new super bowl mvp aaron rogers wearing the jersey. his brother joked that's a san francisco 49ers jersey because they grew up in california. aaron rogers has been incredible in the playoffs. thrown for 9 touchdowns three tonight. every where you look in this stadium if people are wearing packers uniforms i would say half of them are aaron rogers uniforms. here's what his older brother told us. >> your little brother you beat up on for years who never lost anything playing video games or whatever is on the biggest stage in the world for sports. in the most high profile position. it's cool. the quarterback position is that. you win you are a hero you lose you take a lot of the blame if not all of the blame. >> pretty incredible a guy who fell draft day was supposed to be and could have been a number one pick several days ago.
1:24 am
his status fell he took over that team and tonight he's super bowl mvp. >> back to you. >> we are working on getting the right picture up. as you were telling it they had the wrong picture up. >> there is other drama before the game. my blackberry was blowing up with people trying to say could you see it did you hear it? christina aguilera singing the national anthem, what happened? >> i think it was the nerves maybe. it's the biggest stage to sing on in terms of sports biggest game in the country the bup dole. she got up there and mumbled the words in the national anthem. i heard this we looked around. i guess it happens but she is human. she will bounce back. people will be talking about it. >> they are blogging. >> she forgot a line of the
1:25 am
national anthem on super bowl 45. just a couple people saw it. >> yeah. >> 100 thoul. >> point out the picture again? >> far left is luke the older brother we heard from. in the middle that is jordan the quarterback from nfc and aaron rogers in the san francisco 49ers uniform. >> he doesn't look all that much different. thank you very much. live from arlington, texas tonight out of cowboy stadium. a fox exclusive bill o'reilly riley the entire interview coming up next. my mother froze everything.
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>> this is a special live edition of a fox report. a big welcome to all of you joi joining us from the super bowl. their entire interview conducted before the super bowl before start to finish. >> mr. president thank you for doing this. i must thank you on behalf of the fox news dhanl for helping out gregg palkot and mr. wee who got roughed up in cairo it was you robert gibbs the stapt department who really saved them. thank you very much. >> those guys showed enormous courage not only was it
1:30 am
important for us to make sure they were safe for them and their families but uphold the basic principle of free speech and freedom of the press that's a universal value we care about and i know fox cares about. >> those guys could have died and i want everyone to know the state department really saved them. mubarak is he going to leave soon? >> only he knows what he is going to do. here's what we know egypt is not going to go back to what it was the egyptian peel want freedom and free and farrell elections they want a representative government they want a responsive government. what we have said is you have to strart a transition now. mubarak is not running for reelection his term is up this year. what we said is let's make sure you get all of the groups together in ee gicht what's the process for an orderly transition but one that is a
1:31 am
meaningful transition. >> you don't know ultimately? >> the united states can't absolutely dictate what happens. what we can do is we can say that the time is now for you to start making a change in that country. >> he has already done that. the longer he stays in the more chance he will die. >> the united states and egypt have been a partner for a long time. >> he has done bad things. >> he has been a good partner when it comes to the haes with israel. there have been counter-terrorism efforts he has been supportive of. what we have said publicly and privately is trying to suppress your own people is something that is not sustainable. part of the message that i think we are seeing all around the world is when you resort to suppression and violence that does not work. >> it worked for 30 years.
1:32 am
he knows a lot of bad things about us rendition and all of that i am sure you know that. i am worried he might go off the reservation. the muslim brotherhood great concern to a lot of people. are they a threat to the usa? >> i think the muslim brotherhood is one faction in egypt. they don't have majority support in egypt. >> they are welling oral niezed and there are strains of bare ideology that are anti u.s. no doubt about it. here are things we have to understand there are a whole bunch of secular folks in egypt. a whole bunch of educators and civil society in egypt that wants to come to the floor as well. only two options either the muslim brotherhood or pre suppr egyptian people. >> what i want is a representative government in egypt and i have confidence that iffy egypt moves in an orderly transition process we will have
1:33 am
a government in egypt that we can work with. >> tough for muslim brotherhood. i wouldn't want them anywhere near that government. >> federal judge in florida said health care law is unconstitutional. are you prepared for that law to go down? >> keep in mind we have had 12 judges that just through this case out. >> first it goes to the appellate court. there's district court and appeal court then it goes to the supreme court. here is the key point. i said this in the state of the union. i don't want to spend the next two years fighting the battle of the last two years. >> the supreme court is going to hear this one way or another. >> what the american people have said is we want cost controls and healthcare we want security and healthcare. what i said to the republicans is if you have ideas in terms of improving the healthcare system if you have ideas that i can
1:34 am
embrace on things like -- >> they are not going to bother with it they are going to wait until it goes to the court and hope it gets thrown out 5-4. are you prepared for what will happen? >> i am not prepared to go back to the day where american people if you had a preexisting condition you have a heart condition you can't get health insurance. >> mr. obama is a determined man of the left who's goal is to redistribute much larger levels of income across society. he may get technical ground if he has to but he will resist to his last day and changes to obama care and the other load baring walls of the entitlement state. wall street journal painting is a pretty left wing guy. >> wall street journal would probably paint you as a left wing guy. if you are talking about the wall street journal editorial. >> that's what this is. that's like quoting the new york times. >> do you deny their assessment?
1:35 am
do you deny you are a man that wants to redistribute wealth? >> i didn't raise taxes once i lowered them. i lowered taxes. >> they provide insurance coverage. >> what is true is i think in this country there is no reason why if you get sick you go bankrupt. >> why do the majority of people not oppose obama care. >> it is evenly divided, bill. here's what i think a lot of people saw. over the last two years at a time when people were concerned about the econo economy and job they saw was a lot of arguing in congress. that's what they always sees a lot of arguing in congress. they thought our focus wasn't on what we are focused on.
1:36 am
how do we make sure jobs in the united states of america how are we building a competitive society at a time when we are losing jobs. >> some people see it that way but others the huge government intrusion and you guys want to take over basically decision making. >> i want to be clear about this. if you look at what we have done what we said was if you have got healthcare that you like you keep it. >> i know. mr. president i listen to it every day. >> i listen to you and when i hair you say bill for example the notion is that us saying to people that don't have health insurance don't make me pay for your health insurance, don't make me pay for it when you go to the emergency room. if you get sick you have a responsibility to make sure you have coverage there's nothing socialist about that. that's saying each of us are going to be responsible for healthcare. that is something the majority
1:37 am
of americans believe. >> you are a big government who wants to intrude on personal freedom. >> come on, you know that. a lot of americans believe that. >> they think way worse than me. >> i give you credit. you have a big viewer ship. >> you try it. they are not saying you move to the center to raise your approval. is that true you are moving to the center? we were set up over there. >> here is what i think is true. over the first two years of my presidency we had a complete disaster. we had a complete crisis. financial markets were breaking down. we were slipping into a great depression. we had to take a bunch of steps in order to ensure the economy is growing again which is now growing making sure the private sector was growing again now other focus is not battling what we have been fighting for two
1:38 am
years. >> you haven't moved anywhere? you are the same guy? >> i am the same guy. my focus is how do we out educate out build the rest of the world how do we create jobs how do we make sure businesses are thriving but also make sure ordinary americans can live out the american dream. right now they don't feel like they are. >>. worse part of this job. what is the worse job of being president of the united states? >> worse part of the job is first of all i have a jacket on on super bowl sunday. if i wasn't president that wouldn't be happening. >> biggest problem for me is being in the public. it's hard to escape. you can't go to the corner. >> everybody watchi watching eve you make. >> over time what happens is you feel like that you are notable
1:39 am
to just have a spontaneous conversation with folks. >> you can't. >> that's a loss. that's a big loss. >> what is it about the job that has surprised you the most that you weren't prepared for coming in here? >> i think the thing that you understand intellectually but you don't understand in your gut is that every decision that comes to my desk is something that nobody else has been able to solve. the easy stuff gets solved by somebody else. by the time it gets to me you don't have the easy answers. >> it's like waive after waive of complicated problems. >> what you have to make your best judgment about this is probably our best approach for the american people, but you know that you don't have purple information and you know that you are not going to have a perfect solution. >> people you know have told me you have changed a little bit
1:40 am
since you have become president. >> i am a lot grayer that's for sure. >> do you think you have changed as a person since you have become president? >> i think if you ask michelle to knows me best i say i am basically the same guy. >> can i tell you what they say? >> you are much more guarded. >> i think what is true when you are in this job elling you say can effect markets. >> even on a personal level some people say he doesn't have the -- he's not as light as he used to be. not as spontaneous. preoccupied. >> i would say that's probably true. look there's no doubt that the weight of the office has an impact. i will tell you the longer i am in this job the more i enjoy it.
1:41 am
the more optimistic i am about the people the more optimistic i am about this country. there's something about this position that gives you a pretty good vantage point of the country as a whole and for all of the arguing we get into and all of the debates between democrats and republicans, -- >> tremendous country. >> there's a common sense and a decency to the american people that makes me optimistic even on the worst of days. >> i asked this to president bush when i talk to do him a few weeks ago does it disturb you that so many people hate you? >> it's a serious question. >> the truth is the people -- and i am sure prooef yusz presidents would say the same thing whether it was bush or clinton or reagan or anybody. the people who dislike you don't know you. >> they hate you. >> even the folks who hate you they don't know you. >> that's true. what they hate is whatever fun house mirror image of you that
1:42 am
is out there. >> you don't take it personally. >> you don't ever? >> you don't. >> doesn't it annoy you sometimes? >> i think by the time you get here you have to have had a pretty thick sin. >> if you didn't you probably wouldn't have gotten here. >> fox sports are going to make a fortune. they pay all of my expenses here. who is going to win the game? >> here's the thing. once my bears lost i don't pick sides. >> you don't care. >> i want a great game. these are pretty evenly matched teams. i think green bay is probably a little faster. steelers got more experience. i think the steelers not having their starting center is something they have to be worried about. >> will you watch the game? i know you have a big party tonight j-lo is coming.
1:43 am
>> you are invited. >> i don't want to are y ruin t party. >> are you actually going to watch the game? >> i watch the game of course i do. >> you like football and coverages? >> i like football. >> i know you are a basketball guy. >> i know football. i will watch the game. what happens is i smooz with everybody when they come give them a little bit of time but once the game starts they sit down and watch the game. >> you are out of there? >> i don't want them coming up chitting and chatting. we have to focus on football. >> that's the live part of this deal. i enjoy talking to you. i disagree with you. i hope you think i am fair to you. i try to be. i wish you well in the next two years. >> it's always a pleasure. >> nice to see you. >> thank you so much. we are going to have more with the president on "the factor" starting on monday and do a little more q and a. >> the president said he was looking for a good super bowl game he got it he predicted green bay was faster they were,
1:44 am
they won. we are learning new information on a tough story we have been following tonight. what led up to a deadly night at a college fraternity. the manhunt turning up two suspects who police say opened fire near that ohio campus house? nasa has something it wants you to see. it's a first. you are about to experience it you are about to experience it right he where to go for a quiet get away. [ male announcer ] thanks to therbitz matrix display, you can make more knowledgeable decisions
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>> deadly gun fire at an off campus house in ohio leaves 11 people wounded and one student dead. julie banderas is following the story and has the latest from the fox newsroom. >> police have arrested and charged two men with the murder of a youngstown state university student. we are told one suspect turned himself in and the other was apprehended shortly after with the help of the local fbi. the men who's names are being withheld pending further investigation are african american ages 20 and 22. the shooting happened at an
1:48 am
after hours party you mentioned ran into the early morning hours not far from campus. the pair got into some kind of alitycation at the party and left then returned at 2:00 a.m. firing shots from outside the house crowded with 50 or more people some as young as 17. 25-year-old injury mail johnson was throwing the party at the house when he was shot and killed while standing on the back p patio. he was shot once in the head and multiple times on hips and legs. another person shot at the same time tonight listed in critical condition. in all 12 people shot 11 pounded 8 have been treated and released from an area hospital. many students were told shot were members of a sanctioned ysu fraternity who lived in an off campus house from here. while there was no threat to the campus police increased presence on campus as a precaution.
1:49 am
in addition to the sag 58ed murder charge they face 11 counts of felonious assault and one count of shooting into a house. julie, thank you. a train derailment causing a massive explosion. get ready to go across america. >> ohio a freight train filled with ethanol derailed in cleveland sparking a huge fireball and evacuation of a people living within a one-mile radius of the scene. the explosion shaking nearby homes no one reported injuries. connecticut firefighters in meredith evacuating their own firehouse. >> prompting fire trucks in the staff the roof collapsing a short time later.
1:50 am
there is no mercy to the snow there a target story opening the doors after snow on the roof caused it to go. >> some 130 people helping to remove all of what recent winter storms left behind but shovels and man power not enough for the job. they brought in a crane. the final step dutching the stuff in a giant snow melter. bear alert. two cubs proving they are not camera shy. do you recognize them? these little ones appearing again on a streaming web cam just a few weeks after their birth aired live on the same feed. the bear is part of a hibernation study at the north american bear center. that's a fox watch across america.
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>> president obama attempting to mend some fences with business leaders when he addresses the chamber of commerce. >> it is just a short walk from the white house to the u.s. chamber of commerce. there's still a big divide between the two. the chamber helped republicans win back the house with most of the $50 million campaign budget. the leaders say the healthcare overall and greenhouse gas limb is are bad for business plus last fall the president said the chamber may have used foreign men for democrats. >> if we make america the best place to do business businesses should make their mark here in america. they should set up shop here and hire or workers and pay decent
1:55 am
wages. >> election efforts for 2012 are warming up. voters the president needed for reelection. the two are also on the same side of an important site. business leaders also really liked that the president has appointed bill daily as chief of staff. he's former board member of the chamber and was an executive with jp another began chase. a final message we are expecting use that money. some businesses have been stockpiling for the past few months. the president wants to spend some of it. >> tomorrow special report with bret baier we will have a live exclusive interview with tom donahue. his reaction to president obama's speech that is come only on fox news channel. a brand new look at the sun.
1:56 am
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>> troubled star let lindsay lohan back in hot water. she is accused of stealing a necklace from an la julie store an accusation that could get her time in state prison. her attorney denies any wrongdoing saying she plans to fight the charges. lohan could be charged tomorrow morning. a recap now of our top stories. green bay packers beating the steelers 31-25. aaron rogers named mvp of super bowl 35. the fox


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